I've been skateboarding, playing in bands and going to shows since 1988. But my life hasn't been just that. Its been full of friends, acquaintances and even social media connections that are filled with talent. Artists, musicians, photographers, skateboarders...you name it. They are all there in the underground - working hard, plugging their craft through their web sites or other social media outlets, all despite whatever current trends are going on. This is the world where I choose to be.  With that being said, I decided to start Kill The Kool, with hope of building a small community of like minded people that can use this site and its social media outlets as another platform to let people know what they are doing. "Follow, Submit, Support". That's the "motto" I guess? Follow the site to see new artists you may have never known about otherwise. Submit your links and such to Kill The Kool so KTK can post your work and links. Support it by telling others about it, purchasing another artists piece or maybe even linking up with another artist for a project.

In a world where most big magazines are, what I call, "pay to play" and the once underground sub cultures are now chasing mainstream trends rather than setting trends. There are so many people out there that can't "pay to play" and are not concerned with the mainstream trends.  Their work is no less important, influential, inspiring and amazing.

Sorry for my bad grammar! 

Does that make sense? 

Kristian Svitak

                               Ohio 2008. Photo credit bsmitty.com

                               Ohio 2008. Photo credit bsmitty.com